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Recommendation for MRP Add On API

Looking for recommendations on MRP partners with Unleashed to support time based assembly scheduling, requirements planning, and purchasing.

We both assemble and procure finished goods.

The issue I have now is that if you plan assemblies 2-3 months in the future, Unleashed will calculate the component requirements as one lump sum.  I.e.  I need 100,000 boxes to cover assemblies for 3 months but I don't want to buy 3 months worth of boxes at one time.  Need to be able to see (by week) based on the assembly requirements, when I need to place orders to ensure I do not stock out based on supplier leadtimes and inventory safety stock/min levels.

Same thing goes with finished goods based on supplier leadtimes and min stocking levels.


I am seeing LOKAD, StockTrim, Inventory Planner, and Streamline as APIs that integrate with Unleashed but don't know how well they work.  Are their others tools that people are using by doing simple data extracts from Unleashed.  I could try to build to an MRP tool in Access or SQL but would rather just buy something that is already built.

Let me know your thoughts

Todd Barker

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