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Costing for multiple purchase orders and costing per weight not value

To whom it may concern,


We an Australia national wholesale importer we currently receive multiple purchase orders on one air freight shipment.

Multiple problems are caused with the current structure of unleashed.

Import costs are applied to a single purchase order on the value of the product.

  • this gives you no ability to get a true landed cost as importation costs are based around shipping weight unless you manually enter which for our company we sometimes have 100 lines per purchase order
  • adding to the previous comment we have 8 purchase orders landing in one freight shipment, with 100 lines per each. We currently have to manually calculate the freight costs across  across 8 purchase orders on excel then manually enter per purchase order per line to get a true landed cost.

Finally with no API coding ability to import costs on purchase orders we cant even get another company to code an app to solve this for us.

I would like to know if any other business is experiencing this and got another solution.

Smenco Pty Ltd

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Hi Joel, 

Thank you for submitting your query.

Currently, it isn't possible to automate the splitting of costs across multiple Purchase Orders.

As you have stated, at the current moment, you will need to manually divide Purchase Order Shipment Costs and then add them to the Cost Lines in the Purchase Orders. 

However, I am glad to inform you that there is a feature on the way which will enable you to split costs across Purchase Orders.

As it is currently in the testing phase, unfortunately, I cannot provide an eta, however, we will certainly notify you once it has been implemented.

Alternatively, you can follow our product releases by clicking here.

I hope this information is helpful, should you have any further questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind Regards,



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