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Differing UOMs

Has anyone come up with solutions for instances where you purchase an item in one UOM and sell it in another? I'm particularly interested because a client sells gloves by the pair but purchases them by the dozen and some of their suppliers won't accept PO's in a UOM other than by the dozen or case. 1/12 is 0.8333333 which over time requires stock adjustments to true up for rounding. Is a fix for this in the Unleashed product timeline where you can build in the different UOMs and conversions within the product profile?


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Hi There,

Thank you for submitting your query.

Using the production module you can purchase one item using one unit of measure and then sell it in another unit of measure. 

1) Firstly you must add your starting product and end product and then define them as either assembled or component items, to do this:

- Navigate to Inventory > Products > Add Products
- Input your product code and description for your assembled item (e.g. 50 Gloves)
- Under the Type menu toggle on the 'Assembled Product' toggle
- Repeat these steps for the components of your assembly however in this case toggle on the 'Component Product' toggle

2) Once you have defined your products as either assemble or component items, you can then create a Bill of Materials which is commonly referred to as the 'recipe', to do this:

- Go to Inventory > Production > Bill of Materials > Add Bill of Materials
- Input the Assembled item and then input the component products (along with quantity and wastage) 
- Select 'Complete' once you have added all your items

3) Once you have followed the steps above you will then be able to create an assembly

To do this:

- Go to Production > Assemblies > Add Assembly
- Input the product code of the assembled item 
- Using the 'Assembly Quantity' text box input the amount of the product that you wish to assemble 
- Click on 'Complete' to finalise your assembly

4) Please note that Unleashed uses the Average landed cost of your component products to determine the costs of your assembled item therefore if you purchase gloves by the dozen and sell them by the pair the system will calculate the cost/value of the assembled item using the average landed cost of the component items.

Currently, the ability to amend assembly/disassembly costs is not in the immediate pipeline, however, I will certainly pass this onto our products team as an improvement request. Once this feature is in the works we will certainly notify you.

For more information on the production module click here

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind Regards,

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