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API StockAdjustments not storing the serial numbers

I'm creating a new stock adjustment via the api and a PUSH request. This works but the serial numbers of the parts is not being stored. And the returned data does not contain these serial numbers. 

We have a lot of small items than do not have their serial numbers on the case, too small, and so we need to be able to uploaded them programmatically using a special tool. This can not be done by hand. It's impractical. 

This is the Json test packet I am trying to send. I'm developing against the sandbox API for now. It maybe the format of the serial number entries is wrong, but there is no documentation on how this has to be structured so I had to look at the example GET queries.

{"AdjustmentReason":"New Serial Numbers","Guid":"84695dca-4b28-4682-b9e1-3938c17757d8","Warehouse":{"WarehouseCode":"GK Office"},"StockAdjustmentLines":[{"Guid":"17119f15-58fe-4e67-92e6-1f872bf5665e","NewActualValue":0,"NewQuantity":2,"Product":{"ProductCode":"4000000"},"SerialNumbers":[{"Identifier":"A02500234e41570720363037","Guid":"a9658444-2952-4632-a805-7d1703a2c5a4"},{"Identifier":"B02500234e41570720363037","Guid":"2ffa477e-332d-460c-bd7c-2d19d1ed13f6"}]},{"Guid":"8e5eeb57-ebe8-4bec-9d72-cbf9300c752f","NewActualValue":0,"NewQuantity":2,"Product":{"ProductCode":"4200000"},"SerialNumbers":[{"Identifier":"C02500234e41570720363037","Guid":"00c82194-9f46-47ba-8be1-7fe2483f39b4"},{"Identifier":"D02500234e41570720363037","Guid":"6c38c855-8f6a-45bd-922b-fd8d880ccfe8"}]}]}


Many thanks,

Richard e Collins.

Richard Collins

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