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Multiple BOMs for single assembly product

We need the ability to have multiple Bill of Materials set up for a single Product.

We manufacture, among other products, steel posts for the construction industry that depending on the Customer needs maybe made from powder coat quality material or not.  The finished product for all intents & purposes is the same thing but maybe made from different base materials.

It would be helpful to be able to have set up, say for this example, 2 different BOMs, 1 with the powder coat quality(PCQ) material and 1 with the non PCQ material so that when initiating an Assembly Order for that product you can select which BOM to use instead of having to manually change the base material each time.

Is there a feature in the works that would take care of this type of scenario?




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Hi Cariona,

Thank you for submitting your query.

As you are aware, currently, two Bill of Materials cannot be created for one product.

As you have already started the current workaround is to remove or amend a component item upon assembly.

Additionally, another option is to create two separate assembled items in Unleashed with their respective Bill of Materials (e.g. Steel Post PCQ and Steel Post No PCQ).

Therefore if you require Non-powder coat quality steel posts you can assemble the Steel Post No PCQ item.

Similarly, if you require a powder-coated steel post you can assemble the Steel Post PCQ item.

From the scenario that you have outlined, I can definitely see the benefit of having multiple BOMs per product.

Although there is no immediate feature in the works, I have forwarded this to our products team as an improvement suggestion.

As this is a suggestion I cannot prove an estimate on if or when this feature will be implemented, however, we will notify you if this feature is in the pipeline.

I hope this information is helpful, should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reachout.

Kind Regards,

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I have a similar issue.  We buy bulk landscape products from a number of suppliers.  For example, Top soil.  The end product and price of Topsoil is the same no matter the supplier.  We buy in tonnes and sell in m3.  Each supplier also has different freight arrangements. The way I think we handle this is to have topsoil in tonnes as a non sellable component plus freight from that supplier, also as a non sellable component.  Combined they create the sellable product "Topsoil" in m3.  The problem comes if we get soil from a different supplier, with different costs and different freight details.  We can ONLY sell topsoil as the same product at the same price no matter the supplier. Often we mix the soil from different suppliers as the product is essentially the same. If what you have said is that only one BOM can exist then I am really unsure how we handle multiple suppliers for the same assembled product

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