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Batch Number Enquiry does not include the Product Description in Export

Hi, when exporting the Batch Number Enquiry report to CSV file it does not export the product description along with it. Some of our salesman are unfamiliar with our Product Codes and use this report to see the qty of old stock they need to sell first. Is there a way that this can be changed? I've also tried to just create my own custom report in the data exporter, however, there is not inventory information available to create a report... Thanks

Nicole Argent

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Hi Nicole,

Thanks for posting your questions on the community forum.
I can acknowledge that in its current format, the Batch Number Enquiry CSV export does not contain the product description and can see how it would be useful in your situation. I have 2 suggestions for you that will help, see below for details. 

1. Export to CSV option

While it isn’t possible to edit in Unleashed, you can create a custom report in Excel and manually add in the product description into the Batch Number Enquiry via a VLOOKUP function using another report such as the Product Export data as a source.

Overall, I think this is the best way for you to go however there is also an alternative you may also be interested in.

2. Export Batch Information option

This lists transactions history of the batch numbers but also provides the product descriptions as well. While this can be a good option for you also, you’ll need to remember that as it is history, its going list some information you may not want such as expired or empty batches as well.

I hope this helps, please feel free to reach out to us directly via if you ever need assistance directly.

Kind Regards,


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