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GST Inclusive pricing

Unleashed is a tax-exclusive system wherein the product sale and purchase prices must be added without any tax.

Unleashed does not support GST inclusive pricing. Hence, if GST is added on top of the invoice total or GST inclusive pricing is used on sales or purchase orders, it is inevitable to get a few cents of variance between Unleashed total and the actual invoice.

Please note:

  • The tax on a sales or purchase order is computed on per product line basis and not from the order total. The system computes the discounted sale price and tax price for each individual product line added to the order, which is summed up and added to the total.

  • The total of the product lines is calculated on 4 decimal places and then rounded to 2 decimal places.


The taxes in Unleashed are applied based on a tax hierarchy explained below:

1. Product Tax Rate - This will over-ride every other tax rate on an invoice or purchase bill regardless of customer/supplier or the header tax rate. Hence, the tax on the individual product line will be pulled from what's been added to the product record. 


2. Customer / Supplier Tax Rate - The header tax rate will default to this when you create a sales or purchase order. Please note, that the product tax rate will still override this and will be applied on the product lines irrespective of the header tax rate in your order. 

3. Account-level Default Tax Rate - This is what the order header rate will default to if there is no default tax rate set up on the customer/supplier or product.  The product and customer tax rates will still override this and will be applied to the product lines irrespective of the header tax rate.


You could remove the default tax rate allocated to the products, this will, in turn, allow you to use options 1or 2, which you can choose if applicable to you. 

Also, if a customer or supplier is marked as "non-taxable" in Unleashed, the above hierarchy will no longer be applicable. There will be no tax applies to the sales or purchase order across all product lines, regardless of default tax rate on the product level.

For additional information related to taxes in Unleashed please follow the link here.

Vandana Yadav

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