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Combined picklist

The combined picklist feature in Unleashed enables us to select multiple sales orders and use the Bulk Actions cog to print a combined picklist for all those orders.

  • Simply follow Sales > Orders > View Sales Orders
  • Apply appropriate filters if need be.
  • Tick the check-boxes to select multiple sales orders and go to the actions cog to "Print Combined Picklist".


Based on the total ordered qty and what is yet to be shipped, the combined picklist will provide us with the total pick qty for items added on the selected sales orders, making the overall picking process quick and efficient for the warehouse team.

Please note, the combined pick list gets printed in a system-generated format which cannot be edited. However, the individual picklists that we print from within a specific sales shipment page are editable in the Unleashed doc designer.

Should you wish to print individual pick lists in bulk, please go to Sales > Shipments > View Shipments page and use the actions cog to print pick lists for selected shipments.



For more details on bulk actions cog on view sales order page, click here.

For more details on bulk actions cog on view shipments page, click here.

For more details on the Unleashed document designer tool, click here.

Vandana Yadav

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Hi Vanada, 

Thanks for this - it seems to me to be a potentially really useful feature for us, but has one major drawback - it doesn't show batch numbers. Do you know if there is a way to generate a combined picklist from multiple orders including the quantities of each batch number required? We often have multiple batches of the same product in stock and being delivered on the same day, so it's very important that we ensure the right number of each batch is being picked.

This would allow our warehouse team would then be able to pick all the stock require for a day's deliveries at once before sorting into individual orders, rather than having to refer to individual pick lists for each order.

Thanks in advance, 


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Hi Matt,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. 

I can certainly appreciate the benefit of having the batch and serial numbers printed on the combined picklist for your warehouse team. The great news is, we do have something in our pipeline that can address this issue and I have added your suggestion to it. 

Being a feature request that is still under review, we cannot commit an ETA on its release. You are, however, welcome to keep an eye on our changelog for the latest releases and updates. 

Hope this information was helpful. Do reach out to us at for any further questions or concerns you may have. 

Kind regards,


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