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Bill of Materials

One part of Unleashed's Production Module (Assemblies as the other), Bill of Materials might mean different things or can be presented in different ways depending on your industry. In an IT sense of the world, the bill of materials could be a 'project' in its own right - wherein a manufacturing sense, it is a list of components complete with instructions as to how one could come up with a finished product.

In both senses, Bill of Materials will have something in common - a list of components needed to build an assembled product. Here in Unleashed, we can simply refer to your Bill of Materials as the 'recipe' for your finished goods.

The process should be simple.
1. Create the products involved in the process (tag them accordingly as Assembled or Component)
2. Add your Bill of Materials in Unleashed
3. Use them in Assemblies/Disassemblies (which will take care of the allocation/depletion of your components and requisition of your assembled products)

More information about this from here:

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