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How does Unleashed use Exchange rates/Currency rates?



  • Exchange rates are not live updated within Unleashed and can be manually updated under Settings > System > Currency rates.


  • This allows setting and locking in your own agreed default rates 


  • Foreign Exchange rates can be set on the transaction (Sales order or Purchase order) directly, overriding the default rate set up in the System Settings.


  • Currencies are unique to a supplier/customer record and cannot be changed once used.

For detailed information about exchange rates please refer to our Currency rates FAQ


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We’ve been using unleashed for 4.5 years.

We constantly had issues with updating exchange rates. Forgetting to update them on POs and SOs. We buy in USD, our base currency AUS and we sell in AUD, USD, NZD and CAD.

This caused a lot of problems. Especially wrong cogs calculations.

2 years ago we moved to use a chrome extension for live currency exchange rates.

It updates rates live and can also pull historic rates, for all of our trading currencies.

It changed our life!

Highly recommended !!!

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