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Xero Connection

Hi there,

Yesterday evening we were made aware of an issue which Xero was facing, impacting all integrations linked to Xero. 
We are aware of Xero connection updates which is impacting this connection - these can be found via
In the meantime, we would encourage you to attempt reconnecting your Xero Integration by going to Integrations > Integration Store > Xero > Reconnect.If you aren’t able to simply reconnect the integration as above, we have a work around that will assist you getting back up and running sooner: You’re able to disconnect Unleashed via your Xero account (instructions on doing this can be found by clicking here). Once you have disconnected Unleashed on Xero’s side, please log into your Unleashed account and do the following:
  • Go to Integrations > Integration Store > Xero
  • Turn the Integration ON
  • Log into your Xero account when prompted (if not already logged in)
  • Allow Unleashed access to your Xero account
This should restart your Xero integration - Please do ensure your configuration is still setup exactly as it was prior.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
Kind regards
Natanya Seiderer

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Hi there

Just a note to follow up here. 

All looks to have been resolved and as such you simply need to disconnect from Xero's side and then reconnect which should flow as per normal again. 

Any questions please do let us know. 

Kind regards


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