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Customer default delivery addresses are vanishing?

I'm noticing when I go to create a quote or sales order the Default Delivery Address is not pulling into the "Deliver To" fields.

I exported to excel and see that roughly 1/3 of my customers no longer have a Default Delivery Address specified.

What could be happening that would cause them to be getting wiped out?

Also, why can't you specify a Default Delivery address from the customer's Address page instead of having to do it via an upload... which never saves anyway?

A Holtz

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I had the same problem with EVERY one of my customer in Unleashed, and I didn't do any exporting at all.   Customer Service just gave me a lesson in how to use their system, even though I've been using it for many, many years and know my customer details/inputs intimately.   Seeing as Customer Service were no help, I have been manually re-selecting the "Default Delivery Address".  Annoying for software that isn't inexpensive.

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