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B2B - Guest Access

Hi team,


Thank you for implementing the guest access feature! It's great!

I'd like to suggest some feature add-ons if possible.

  1. Request Access - Pop up. - Can we have an option to add additional fields to the form? E.g. It would be great if we can add mandatory fields in order for us to qualify these leads (Business Name, ABN, Phone Number, etc.)
  2. Static Pages - Able to remove the pages such as Terms and Conditions from being visible to Guests.
  3. Item Pricing - Loving the ability to be able to turn to price off to guests, However, it would be great if a message could appear on each item saying something line "Request Pricing" or "Price available on Login" - rather than having the space blank. This can then lead to the Request Access - Pop up.

Look forward to your feedback.

Thank You.

Michael Answered

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Hi Michael,


thank you for the great feedback, our team have added them to our backlog.





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