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Multiple serial numbers on one product brought in from supplier

Hi all.

I wondered if anyone has an answer or workaround.

We buy in a product that is effectively a kit of components but ready made for us under a single name.

We have a charging case with one Serial number and 8 single (all the same) products that go into this.

We need to track the serial numbers for warranty etc.


We buy this from our supplier under a single product code - let's call it AS-KIT

So we book  this in as AS-KIT at the moment we don't have a single serial for this Kit.


On the box it lists the serial numbers of all the items in there.

AS-Charge - 0010

AS-Item - 0001 - 0003 - 0089 - 0023 -0045 -0022 - 0068 - 0076

(So as you can see they are not always in any order) 


Now we also can buy in and sell the items as single products. However its slightly different.

The Charging Case as a single product only contains the charger and the case. All the accessories we get with the 8 products are not included.

When we buy the single product it comes with 8 individual PSU's and accessories. So has a different product code and cost.

The idea is that if you buy a premade kit is easier and you dont need individual chargers.


So we cannot make an assembly of one Kit with 9 components as we dont buy in the right components. (that is the kit)

We wouldnt be able to make the book balance as the costing is different when buying in singles.


So the question is:

Can we have a product with a single product code that has more than one serial number making up the line item?






Lee House

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