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How to handle assembled products from a supplier from raw materials we purchase

We have a supplier that manufacturers a sub assembly for us from components we purchase and have sent directly to them along with parts they make.

We want to track our inventory of these purchased items. 

Is it possible to issue a purchase order for a product that is auto-assembled? In other words, we would create an auto-assembling product but it would be purchased from our supplier. When the product arrives (or at any point in the process) it would deplete the on hand inventory at the suppliers location. And yes, we would create a new warehouse in Unleashed to store the components.

Or is there a better way?

Mark Richards

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for getting in touch,

There is currently no direct way to do this in Unleashed as products cannot be auto-assembled upon being receipted in through a PO. However, we would suggest setting up a warehouse for your third-party manufacturer, purchase the components in via a PO and choose that warehouse to receipt in. Your own components would also be held in this warehouse, making a warehouse transfer when needed.

Then the assembly would have as a source warehouse the third-party warehouse and destination either your selling warehouse or an intermediary warehouse as you mention that these are sub-assemblies. In the supplier costs tab of the assembly you can then add any extra charges the manufacturer might invoice you for production.

I hope that helps,

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Your Friendly Unleashed Engagement Team

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