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Holding Credit Card Details for future payment when Back Orders are filled

Hi, My client is looking to implement Unleashed.  In their business (on-line garden plants and products) they take orders which then result in literally thousands of back orders, which are then filled when the shipment arrives.  At the moment they a system where credit card details are stored at the time the order is taken, but the customer is not actually charged until the back order is filled and plants are shipped.   How would this work with Unleashed - I'm hoping it wouldn't need to be manual!  Cheers, Helen. 

Helen Schafer

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Dear Helen, 


Thank you for contacting us!

Since Unleashed will not be handling the payments themselves (we are an inventory management system after all!), this will come down to how the system you bring the orders from manages that :)

As it seems they use an online store to manage the orders, these will then be exported to Unleashed for your stock to be managed there. You can then customise what will be the trigger for that export to happen, and what information is stored there before that happens.

I hope this is helpful! In a nutshell, even though you have the ability to issue invoices and such from inside of Unleashed, the actual payment and its management will happen in your financial software. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Kind regards,


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