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Creating a purchase order and then allocating orders before receipt

We purchase stock from the Far East on a 3 month lead time.  During that period we will receive sales orders from customers which we would want to allocate against a specific purchase order whilst it is still in the production queue.  We might also have other purchase orders for the same product that are receipted in our warehouse and some sales orders should be allocated to that stock or we might want to allocate against containers that are on the water.

In short we want the freedom to allocate sales orders against an appropriate purchase order depending on the delivery time the customer wants which could be anything from 24 hours to 6 months.

At the moment we do not see a way of doing this which is a major negative for our business.

Is it possible?


Chris Michael

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Hello Chris, 


At this point, there is no available feature that will allow you to set products in a specific PO to a Sales Order. You can create POs from a Sales Order but even then, this will take stock from the PO that is received first. 

That said, I am happy to send this in to the team as an improvement request to be considered for future development. 




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