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Invoicing Initial and Final Payments


I'm sure like other businesses. With a new sales order we send an invoice to a customer for a percentage of the final value, say 50%. When the goods are ready for shipment or they have been shipped we send another invoice for the remaining amount in the order.

What is the best way to do this in unleashed?

Many thanks



Ed Notley

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Hi Ed, 


Theres is no direct function to do this in Unleashed as this is more of a finance-related function but below is a process that you can follow if this is something you wish to do. 


  1. Create a Sales Invoice for 100% of the total in Unleashed for a customer (you may want to create a "pro forma" invoice template)
  2. Receive a 50% deposit from the customer before sending the goods.
  3. Record the Prepayment in your accounting provider against the customer
  4. When sending the goods to the customer complete the invoice in Unleashed.
  5. Match the Prepayment in your accounting provider to the newly created Accounts Receivable Invoice (from Unleashed).

If you are integrated with Xero then you can check the help file here for how this can be done.



Kristina Labayen 0 votes
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Thanks for your assistance. Perhaps I should rephrase my question. I would like to send a pro forma invoice asking the customer to pay 50% of the total price, with it saying the 50% price as the total.

The only way I can do this with the current system is to play around with the charges to the total amount but this is not a good or clean way of doing this. Can there be a feature similar to discount where a pre-payment percentage discount can be applied to an invoice?

Ed Notley 0 votes
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