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Adding Purchase Quantity to column header display in Inventory - Products

Hello, we need to be able to have showing on our products page the amount of products on order. We also need showing if we can click on the products on order the expected arrival date into our yard.


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Hi Kim

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Within Unleashed, the reorder report can display all of your products with what is currently on purchase and its expected delivery date. 

Navigate to Reports > Purchase > Reorder Report

Please keep in mind that the Purchase Order must be in a ‘Placed’ status for the On Purchase quantity to display. The On Purchase quantity will not appear if the Purchase order is in a ‘Parked’ status.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions you can send an email through to 

Kind Regards,

Your Friendly Customer Engagement Team

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I have requested this also but just keeping told to use a report which is for one item only

Want  to see what is on hand and on order on the front page without having to drill down into each item or run a report for one item only

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