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Backorders showing on Sales invoice to customers

Hi All, new to unleashed.  Is there a simple way i can show back order on sales invoice to customer.  I don't want to send 2 invoices or write notes etc.  If anyone has used quickbooks the way they show inventory is great, sadly they have a lot of things that aren't great.  

Therese Carroll

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Hi Therese,

Thank you for getting in touch!

Within Unleashed you can make adjustments to the Sales Invoice Template to display what has been invoiced, what has been shipped and the unshipped quantity. You can also change the column header names to say "Backordered".

 - Navigate to Settings > Doc Designer > Invoices. You will have to duplicate the Unleashed template to make adjustments to it. 

 - Double Click the "InvoiceGridLines" and head to the component tab.

 - Select the column headers you wish to display and select the visible tick. 

 - Save the template

If you have any further questions on this you can send an email to

Kind Regards,

Your Friendly Customer Engagement Team

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