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Discounts for Customer Pricing


I am using Customer Pricing by Product Group.


When I create a Sales Order, the discount is applied to the unit selling price, but only the net figure is shown and the discount figure remains at zero, and the Discounted price is the same as the Unit Price.  e.g.:

When I print a sales order or invoice I want to show the gross unit price less the discount.  This is important for my customers so that they know the full retail price and the amount of their discount.

If I print an invoice, the same issue applies.


Please advise if is possible to have the system show the gross price and the discount.


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Hi Trevor, 

When using the Customer Pricing setup to apply discounts, the Sales Order will only show the discounted price. If you want your Sales Order and Invoice to show the gross price with the discounted price applied to it, you can place the default sell price on the product record and manually add the discount price to the Sales Order.

We do see how this can be valuable to your business and we encourage you to send in a feature request. This way, other users can vote on your request and hopeuflly expedite the process of it being added to the system. 

Please note that it would only be a suggestion at this stage so we wont be able to provide an ETA if it is chosen for release.

Hope this helps!


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This feature is also crucial to me. need to show the discount applied after applying customer specific pricing.

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We are happy to inform you that we have taken your feedback onboard  and this very feature is set for release shortly- within the next month or so. Please keep an eye on the Change Log for updates. 

Unleashed Change Logs -




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