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How to find and fix duplicate SKUs on your Shopify products list



Look for duplicate SKUs on your Shopify Products CSV

Please follow these steps from within your Shopify account:
> Open your Products list in your Shopify store, ensuring you are on the 'All Products' page> Select 'Export' at the top of the page > Select 'All Products' and 'CSV to Excel'> The exported file will be emailed to the address you are logged in with> Once you open the Excel spreadsheet navigate to the 'Variant SKU' column> Highlight the full column and select 'Conditional Formatting'> Select 'Highlight Cells Rules'> Select 'Duplicate Values'> Select 'OK' within the Duplicate value pop up box and this will show you the Duplicate SKUs
> If any duplicates come up, make sure you change these so that each product and product variant has its own unique SKU. 
>If you are still having troubles with matching the Shopify product SKU with the corresponding Unleashed product code, contact us and we will remap the SKUs for you. Please note the product remap is something we can do at the backend - you will not be able to remap product SKUs your end.
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