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Import Alternate Units of Measure



* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 


Field Name Description
*Product Code Product code (max length = 100).
*Alternate Unit of Measure Alternate unit of measure for Product e.g. Box, Crate, Pallet etc
*Conversion Rate The number to multiply the base unit by for 1 alternate unit
*For Purchases TRUE or FALSE - assign TRUE for units you want to purchase in otherwise FALSE
Pack Size Pack size of the alternate unit of measure for this Product (used to limit what quantities can be entered e.g. packs of 10, 100 etc.).
Barcode Barcode for the specific Alternate Unit of Measure (not Base unit)
Weight Weight of the Product. The measurement unit can be specified from Settings | Company | Details tab | Measurement Units drop-down list. 
Width Width of the Product
Height Height of the Product
Depth Depth of the Product
Is Obsolete TRUE or FALSE. If set to TRUE, this unit will be obsoleted
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