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Why can't I conduct a stock take or count for products that have 0 stock/quantity?



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Unleashed would not usually add the products which have a 0 stock on hand within the stock count.

The reason for this is you could potentially have thousands of product which have 0 quantity on hand and when you provide your count sheets to the warehouse staff, they could then be looking for stock which does not exist. 

As you are not able to add a stock count for 0 stock, all you need to do is to start with stock adjusting in 1 product in the warehouse you wish to do the stock count in and this will then allow you to start a new stock take and update your stock accordingly. 

So please navigate to Inventory > Transactions > Stock Adjustments and add new adjustment to one of your products so one of your products will have stock. 

After this you should be able to add a new stock count for this warehouse and fix the quantities. 


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