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How can we write-off damaged stock?



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As for the damaged stock write-off - the best practice recommendation would be not to hit dispatch from Unleashed prior to physically sending out the stock.  We are not living in a perfect world though so these things happen.

I would consider a few things - invoicing out that line item from the sales order if it hasn't been done so (completing that invoice - ideally not including anything that is yet to be dispatched) and processing a CREDIT to return that damaged stock back into your warehouse from an Unleashed point of view - on the return, you could either TICK the RETURN box - which would do exactly what it says or leave it unticked - essentially writing it off.

If you did hit the return tick-box, you would need to raise a separate stock adjustment to take this out manually from your inventory.

The stock adjustment would be my recommended choice as you can allocate adjustment reasons and you could allocate which chart of account you would have this damaged product accounted against.


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