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Can you assign a permanent Average Landed Cost to a Product?



Can lock, hold or keep a constant ALC for a product?


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Unfortunately, we will not be able to disable this feature and the average landed cost will be an ongoing cost calculation which is: Total Costs divided by Total Units on Hand and varies based on below transactions:

- Purchase orders and their costs/recosts
- Assemblies and disassemblies
- Stock adjustment, revaluation and stock counts
- Sales shipments

You can, however, have a look at the "Cost Analysis Report" to get a break down of cost changes for each product in your system.
Additionally, although the ALC of your stock will keep on updating based on the transactions I mentioned above. You can easily change the average landed cost or value of your stock by either of the below ways:

1. Stock Revaluation Import to amend the average landed cost of these items:

- Follow Inventory > Transactions > Import Stock Revaluation
- Download Stock Valuation template. Your product code, description and old ALC is pre-populated within this template.
- Fill in the new ALC as required.
- Save this file in CSV format and import it back on this page.

* Stock Revaluation Import help file -

2. Alternatively, you can do a value only Stock Adjustment of the required products to alter their ALC. 

- Adjust out the value (i.e add or reduce the value to correct the ALC) while keeping the adjustment qty as 0. 

* Stock Adjustment help file -


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