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Can you assign a permanent Average Landed Cost to a Product?



Unfortunately, we will not be able to disable this feature and the average landed cost will be an ongoing cost calculation which is: Total Costs divided by Total Units on Hand and varies based on below transactions:

- Purchase orders and their costs/recosts
- Assemblies and disassemblies
- Stock adjustment, revaluation and stock counts
- Sales shipments

You can, however, have a look at the "Cost Analysis Report" to get a break down of cost changes for each product in your system.
Additionally, although the average landed cost of your stock will keep on updating based on the transactions mentioned above, you can easily change the average landed cost or value of your stock by either of the below ways:

1. Stock Revaluation Import to amend the average landed cost of these items:

- Follow Inventory > Transactions > Import Stock Revaluation
- Download Stock Valuation template. Your product code, description and old ALC is pre-populated within this template.
- Fill in the new ALC as required.
- Save this file in CSV format and import it back on this page.

For more information, see Stock Revaluation Import

2. Alternatively, you can do a value only stock adjustment of the required products to alter their ALC. 

- Adjust out the value (i.e add or reduce the value to correct the ALC) while keeping the adjustment qty as 0. 

For more information, see What is a Value-Only Stock Adjustment 


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