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Workaround for B2B Pack Sizes



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Pack sizes are currently not integrated or passed across B2B, however, there is a workaround we can offer:

When it comes to quantity, currently you can enable the use of the min. order qty on the B2B store from the Product Details tab:

However, The B2B portal does not currently look at the pack size, however you can create a product as a pack of e.g. 12 using the production module in Unleashed.

The first thing you need to do is create the assembled product by going to inventory> products> add product in the lefthand side menu or use the shortcuts at the top of the page to navigate to the same place. 

Once here create your 12 pack of the product in question with all the details you need and ensure that the assembled product toggle is switched on like so: 

You also need to switch on the component toggle in the product record of the item you are making a 12 pack of. Please note that products can have both of these toggles switched on if you have a product that is both assembled and a component part of another assembly, and component product can still be sold separately. 

Once all components and the assembled product are created you can create your BOM by going to production > bills of materials > add bill of materials. Enter the assembled product code and then the components with the quantity needed as well as any wastage that you want accounted for. 

Switch on any of the toggles that apply for instance auto-assemble if you want the assembly to be created automatically when the assembled product is added to a sales order. 

When you're happy with the BOM save and you will be able to use this going forward. There is also the option to delete, print and clone the BOM. 

For some assemblies the wastage is not predictable enough to account for in the bill of materials so in these cases leave it off the BOM then after the assembly when you know the exact wastage you an perform a stock adjustment to reduce the stock on hand to account for the wastage. 

For more information on production within Unleashed please see our help page here.


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