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How change your Xero account in Unleashed



If you have more than one Xero account and you either msitakely integrated the wrong account or need to make a switch.


  • Unleashed on Browser  


1) In your Unleashed account:

- Navigate to Integration > Integration Store
- Select the Xero Integration
- Click on the 'Configuration' tab
- Once you are on the Configuration page select the 'Uninstall App' link (outlined in th image below)
- This will then disconnect the current integrate account from the your Xero configuration

2) Once you have disconnected the incorrect Xero account:

- Navigate back to the Xero Integration page
- Click on the green 'Install App' button
- This will then display a new window where you will need need to 'Enable Access' to your Xero account
- After you have enabled access the connection between your Xero and Unleashed account will be established




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