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How to Update Customer Pricing in Bulk



Customer Pricing can be updated in bulk, via the Customers > Import Export page.


(Please Note: We recommend exporting and saving the current Customer Pricing before actioning any changes so that you can revert back to these at any point)

Navigate to Customer>Import/Export>Customer Pricing tab


Click Download Customer Pricing Template File


Enter your new Customer Prices (columns with an asterisk (*) must contain data)

Enter your Price into the *Price/Discount column and enter Fixed Price in the *Price Type column


Enter your Discount amount into the *Price/Discount column and enter Discount% in the *Price Type column


Once this document has been completed, save the template as a CSV excel document and return to Customer>Import/Export>Customer Pricing.

In order to make amendments to the Customer Pricing, you will first need to Delete All Customer Prices.


Import your new Customer Pricing using the Drop file here or click to upload box.


Additional Information:

You can always double-check the status of this import via the 3 parallel lines next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen. An email will also be sent to the email associated with your Unleashed login, containing the status of your import and any error messages.


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