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How to bulk add/update Sell Price Tiers



How to bulk update your Sell Price Tiers via CSV


Before you amend any data, please save a backup copy of the export separately. If anything updates in a way you were not expecting or any mistakes are made, you can restore everything to how it was.

You can remove any product rows that you do not wish to amend, this will not affect the import. However, you cannot remove any of the columns or edit any of the column headers, as this will cause the import to fail.

If you zero any values/wipe any data from a product, and import this document- this will wipe the data held for this product.


1. Navigate to Inventory>Products>Import/Export

2. Ensure you are on the Product tab

3. Click the drop-down menu next to Export, and click Products




4. Navigate to and edit Columns Sell Price Tier 1-Sell Price Tier 10 (Columns U-AD)




5. Save this document as a CSV file

6. Return to Inventory>Products>Import/Export, Product tab

7. To import your file click Drop file here or click to upload or drop a file into this box




8. You can always double-check this file has been imported via the import/export queue, the 3 parallel lines next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen




Additional Information:

You can find further information including tips and tricks regarding importing information into Unleashed here.




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