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How to bulk add/update Sell Price Tiers



How to bulk update your Sell Price Tiers via CSV


  •  Unleashed on Browser


To do this navigate to Inventory>Products>Import/Export and click the green Export button, this will export all your products in a CSV file.

I cannot stress the importance of before you amend any of the columns saving a backup copy of the export separately and this way if anything updates in a way you were not expecting you can restore everything back to how it was.

You are welcome to remove any product rows that you do not wish to amend at all. This is particularly important if you have more than 5000 rows of product records in this file.

For the products that you wish to amend, keep the data in all remaining columns as is, otherwise, Unleashed will wipe them off empty.

For your purposes update the Sell Price Tiers Columns;

You can find further information including tips and tricks regarding importing information into Unleashed here.




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