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How to bulk add or update product Sell Price Tiers


Update or add Sell Price Tier pricing to multiple products at once using the Import Product template file. 

Export the Import Products template file

We recommend using a recent export of your Products as the base template for any bulk changes required for your product details. To export a pre-populated product template file:

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory, Products and click on Import/Export.

  2. In the Export dropdown menu, select Products.
  3. A Product CSV will be downloaded to your browser, in the same template format as the Import template file, but will include all products from your inventory and their current details. 

NOTE: We suggest that you save an original copy of your product export as a back up, in case any mistakes are uploaded from your imported file. The original copy can be uploaded to revert your product details back to their original state. 

Bulk update Sell Price Tier pricing with a CSV template

Once you have downloaded the Product Template file, update the Sell Price Tier columns per product row as per your specifications. 

Tip: Delete product rows from the CST template to avoid making changes to products that do not need them.

NOTE: Do not remove any columns from the CSV template and do not clear any cell details that do not require changes. Removing columns or cell data from the CSV template will remove those details from the product's record when uploaded.

  1. In the Product CSV, update the Sell Price Tier columns as appropriate, to show the new pricing. 

  2. Save the Product CSV once all updates and changes have been included. 

  3. From the main menu, go to Inventory, Products and click on Import/Export.

  4. In the Product tab, import your saved Products CSV via the grey upload tile. 

  5. Monitor the progress of the upload in the task bar icon, in the top right of your Unleashed page.
    • Orange circle: Upload in progress
    • Red cross: Upload failed or incurred errors
    • Green tick: Upload completed successfully

  6. Once the upload is successfully imported, the Sell Price Tiers will be updated in each product's record. 

For more details, see Import Products Field Definitions


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