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BI Dashboard VS Classic Dashboard



What is the BI dashboard based off?


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 The Classic Dashboard uses Transaction Date = Completed Date and includes credits and charges.
The BI Dash, however, Sales revenue is calculated as Transaction Date = Invoiced Date and includes charges minus credits which is why the 2 reports won't match. 

In addition, unlike the classic dashboard refreshes every 15-20 minutes, BI has a refresh rate that runs approximately every 4 hours. 

There tends to be variances although the reporting capabilities of BI is a fairly new feature that hopes to provide more analytical data of what the classic reporting offers currently. Although, to get a better read of what the new BI dash is doing you can run an Invoice Enquiry report: 

1. Set your Dates
2. Transaction date: filter on: Invoice Date
3. Tick Include Credits
5. Status: Completed
4. Click Run


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