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What is the Tax Hierarchy?



 The taxes in Unleashed are applied based on a tax hierarchy explained below:

Product Tax Rate - This will override every other tax rate on an invoice regardless of the customer/supplier or transaction tax rate.
Customer / Supplier Tax Rate - The transaction tax rate will default to this when you create a sales or purchase order. Please note that the product tax rate will still override this but you can change it in the header.
Default Tax Rate - This is what the transaction rate will default to if you do not have a tax rate set up on the customer/supplier or product. You can also change this using the drop-down.
You could remove the default tax rate allocated to the products, this will, in turn, allow you to use options 2 or 3, which you can choose as your business needs be.


Additional Info: 

If you have a B2B portal set up, it will use the same hierarchy towards those sales orders processed. 

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