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Access Workspace Integration


Access Workspace for Unleashed Customers 

Unleashed has been created as an “Organisation” within Access Group. 

Access customers who want to access their Unleashed app via Access Workspace will need to contact Access Support to create their company’s Unleashed organisation within their Access Workspace. 

This is administered via Access JIRA where a ticket is raised to create their Unleashed Organisation and provision it to their 9 dot menu.

An Administrator(s) will need to be nominated to invite the company’s Unleashed users to that organisation created for them in Access Workspace. 

The example below shows:

  • an organisation created as “Unleashed Test”
  • the Members tab
  • the Administrator of the members
  • the members invited by the Administrator to the “Unleashed Test” organisation with Access Workspace. 



Once a user has been added to the organisation as a member, the organisation will appear in their Access Workspace: 




Provided the user has an email match between their Access Workspace and their Unleashed account, they will see Unleashed in the 9 dot menu of that Organisation:




Clicking on the Unleashed icon will open Unleashed in a new tab. If the user is already logged on, it will resume that session. If the user is not logged on, the Unleashed Log In page will present. 


The Technical Story: 

A new API has been added to Unleashed Core that Access Workspace calls to authenticate the Unleashed user and display the link to Unleashed in the 9 dot menu.  If the workspace user’s email address matches an Unleashed user’s email address, the response returns the 9 dot menu details: 



If the user’s email address does not match an Unleashed user’s email address then nothing is returned and the Unleashed icon will not display. 

Clicking on the Unleashed icon will open a new window with the Unleashed login screen.  If the user is already logged in to Unleashed, it will resume the open session. 


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