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Import Customers field definitions


* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

Field Name Description
*Customer Code Unique customer code (max length = 500).
*Customer Name Customer name (max length = 500).
Customer Type Assign a Customer Type. If it does not exist in Unleashed then it automatically creates upon import. This could include but is not limited to Wholesale, Retail, Region etc.
Notes Any additional notes related to the Customer.
GST/VAT Number Tax number of the customer – also known as the ABN (Australia), GST Number (New Zealand), VAT Number (UK) or Tax ID Number (US and global).
Default Currency The currency that you are selling to this customer in E.g. NZD, USD, EUR etc. If left blank it will default to your base currency.
IsObsoleted YES or NO value.

TRUE or FALSE value - If left blank then it defaults to ‘Taxable’ if the customer's  currency is the same as your base currency and vice versa — if it is a foreign currency.

Tax Code Tax type of the tax rate, it can be found under Settings | Taxes. This can only be set if the Taxable field is set to TRUE, e.g. INPUT2.
Bank Name Customer bank name.
Bank Account Bank account number
Payment Terms Payment terms for this Customer. This should match a payment term under Settings | System | Payment Terms.
Sell Price Tier The price tier assigned to this Customer. These are set up under Settings | System | Sell Price Tiers.
Discount (%) The default discount rate for this Customer.
Reminder You can add a reminder which will display each time the customer is selected on a Sales Quote or Sales Order (max length = 1024). For more information, see Customer Details Tab.
Salesperson The salesperson associated with the customer — this can be entered and changed from Settings | System | Salespersons.
Postal Address Name Unique name for Postal Address of the Customer.
Postal Street Address/PO Box Postal Street Address Line 1.
Postal Street Address 2 Postal Street Address Line 2.
Postal Suburb Postal Suburb.
Postal Town/City Postal Town/City.
Postal State/Region Postal State/Region.
Postal Country Postal Country.
Postal Postal Code Postal Code.
Postal Delivery Instruction Postal delivery instructions.
Default Delivery Address Name Default delivery address name.
Default Delivery Street Address/PO Box Default delivery street address and/or PO Box.
Default Delivery Street Address 2 Default delivery street address line 2.
Default Delivery Suburb Default delivery suburb.
Default Delivery Town/City Default delivery town/city.
Default Delivery State/Region Default delivery state/region.
Default Delivery Country Default delivery country.
Default Delivery Postal Code Default delivery postal code.
Default Warehouse Code Default warehouse code.
Physical Address Name Unique name for physical address of the Customer.
Physical Street Address Physical street address.
Physical Street Address 2 Physical street address line 2.
Physical Suburb Physical suburb.
Physical Town/City Physical city.
Physical State/Region Physical region.
Physical Country Physical country.
Physical Postal Code Physical postal code.
Physical Delivery Instruction Physical delivery instructions.
First Name First name of the contact person (max length = 255).
Last Name Last name of the contact person (max length = 255).
Email Address Email address of the contact person (Sales Invoices & Credits will default to this address) (max length = 500).
Email CC Address Email address of an additional contact person.
Default Packing Slip Email Address The default packing slip email address.
Default Invoice Email Address The default invoice email address.
Website Customer’s website.
Invoicing Contact TRUE or FALSE. If left blank, defaults to FALSE.
Shipping Contact TRUE or FALSE. If left blank, defaults to FALSE.
Contact Details Notes Any additional notes relating to contacting this Customer.
Phone Number Customer’s telephone number.
Fax Number Customer’s fax number.
Mobile Number Customer’s mobile phone number.
DDI Number Customer’s direct dial telephone number.
Toll Free Number Toll free number for the Customer.
Print Invoice TRUE or FALSE. Prints a completed invoice. If left blank, defaults to FALSE.
Invoice Template Name of the Sales Invoice template set up in Doc Designer. If left blank, the default name will be used.
Print Packing Slip TRUE or FALSE. Prints a packing slip when a sales order is completed. If left blank, defaults to FALSE.
Packing Slip Template Name of the Packing Slip template set up in Doc Designer. If left blank, the default name will be used.
Sales Account Sales account for your accounting provider that this Customer’s sales will go to.  If left blank, defaults to sales account under the accounting configuration.
Has Credit Limit TRUE or FALSE. If left blank, defaults to FALSE. The Credit Limits feature allows you to enable a credit limit for your customers in Unleashed. For more information, see Credit limits.
Credit Limit If the Has Credit Limit column is TRUE, you can specify a numeric value for the credit limit you want to enforce for the customer.
Last Modified On Date when the Customer details were last modified.


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