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Import Bill of Materials field definitions


* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

Field Name Description
*Assembled Product Code Product code of the assembled product. This product needs to already be set up in Unleashed and have the Assembled Product option enabled. You can enable this option from Inventory | Add Product. Please note this value is entered only once per assembled product
*Component Product Code Product code of the component product. This product needs to be already set up in Unleashed and have the Component Product option enabled. You can enable this option from Inventory | Add Product
*Quantity Quantity (numeric) of the component product that is being used for assembling the product
Wastage Quantity Quantity (numeric) of any wastage of the component when assembling the product
Unit Cost Cost per unit
Total Cost Total cost of quantity (Unit cost * Quantity)
Can Auto Assemble Component product: Yes = Can be auto-assembled, No = Not able to auto-assemble
Can Auto Disassemble Component product: Yes = Can be auto-disassembled, No = Unable to auto-disassemble
IsObsoleted YES or NO value
Expense Account Name of the Expense Account associated with the product when you add the product. This field is required if you have an accounting provider integration and include a Never Diminishing product in your Bill of Materials.

(There's a 50 character limits on Expense Account header for Quickbooks Online)

Comments Any comments related to the Bill of Materials
Expected Duration Expected duration for a single unit OR whole assembly in hours, minutes or second or a combination e.g. 6hr 10m
Duration Type Unit OR Assembly
Production Hours Per Day As per your Company Settings
Production Days As per your Company Settings. If multiple days, value must be separated by comma e.g. Mon,Tue,Wed

Example: How Bill of Materials is displayed in a CSV file

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 12.55.59 PM.png

The below illustrates an example of how to enter the field values for Expense Accounts when integrated with an accounting provider:

Expense Account for Xero:


Expense Account for QuickBooks:


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