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Change Log - 2022


Change Log - 2022


Wednesday 18 May

API - Products Endpoint

New validation introduced to the POST Products endpoint.  For further information see the API Change Log.

Business Intelligence - BI Vision | Targets and Tracking

We made some changes to the grid layout and added a new column to indicate the selected year's sales values, helping you to easily review your targets for the current period. Go in and have a look.



Business Intelligence - BI Vision | Notification rules

The success notifications, indicating to users that their changes were saved successfully, now will auto dismiss if you click anywhere on the page, click to add a new rule or edit an existing rule, making it less painful to edit BI notification rules.


Main Dashboard

A new BI UI page for the main dashboard has been released, replacing the previous BI dashboard page. This is in preparation for making BI dashboards customisable. Soon users, with permission, will be able to change the layout of the page, add more relevant BI KPIs to the page or remove KPIs not applicable.


Wednesday 11 May

Business Intelligence - BI Vision | UX improvement

Previously when viewing the bottom dimensions of a BI Vision page, the KPI values and filters on the page were invisible to you, you had to scroll to the top of the page to view them.


Now with the latest BI UI we made the KPIs "sticky" so that when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can still see a smaller view of the KPIs and the filters you applied to the page. Collapse or expand this panel, just click on the small arrow always visible when you are at the bottom of the page.




Tuesday 10 May

Purchase Order Lines Grid

You can now customise the purchase order lines grid by hiding any or all of the fields below and saving your grid layout.

  • Image 
  • Supplier Product Code 
  • Delivery Date 
  • Unit Cost 
  • Costing Total 
  • Total Unit Cost 
  • Landed Cost 

Business Intelligence - Production(Assemblies).

A new BI UI page for Production has been released, replacing the previous BI Production page and now also offers the ability to share these pages using the screenshot feature.

Business Intelligence: BI - Vision | Targets and Tracking page.

A new "Go to Vision Plus" button has been added to the Targets page allowing users, with permission, to easily navigate to the Vision Plus page. The system will also remember the measure you were viewing and auto-select on the Vision Plus page.



Tuesday 26 April

Business Intelligence - Purchases.

A new BI UI page for Purchases has been released, replacing the previous BI Purchases page and now also offers the ability to share these pages using the screenshot feature.mceclip0.png


Business Intelligence - Purchases Vision.

The Vision Purchases KPIs showing the number of purchase orders have been updated to also show the quantity (number of units) ordered, received, or returned. mceclip0.png


Monday 28 March

Product Unit of Measure changes:

In preparation for multiple units of measure for purchasing, unit of measure has been added to the Products | Purchases tabs.  These are display only and default to the unit of measure recorded against the Product.
There is also a small change to the Product Unit of Measure validation - the Product's unit of measure can remain blank, however, once you assign a unit of measure to a product, you cannot clear the unit back to null.  As a workaround, you can create a unit of measure called "None" or "N/A" and assign that unit to the Product instead.


Business Intelligence - Inventory.

A new BI UI page for Inventory has been released and now also offers the ability to make and share a screenshot of the page.

Business Intelligence (BI Vision) - Inventory: New Dimension.

A great new dimension for Product Type has been added to the BI Vision Inventory page. This visualisation will be super handy to filter on specific product types such as components or assembled products. Note: that most products have more than 1 product type so a product could be Assembled, Serialized, and Sellable as in the example below.


Business Intelligence (BI - Vision Plus Sales) - Edit Targets.

A new "Edit Targets" button has been added to the page allowing users with permission to navigate to the targets and tracking page using one click. For users with read-only access to the Targets page, this button will read "View Targets" (Read more about Vision Plus - Targets and Tracking here.)


Monday 14 March

Business Intelligence (BI - Vision Plus) - Notification Management.

The BI notification functionality, on the BI Targets and Tracking page, has been updated so that Partner account holders can now also be selected as recipients for existing and new notification rules.


Wednesday 9 March

Business Intelligence (BI - Vision) - Sales.

We added a current period trend line to the timeline chart on the BI Vision page so now BI Vision subscribers can easily see the trend of sales over time. With cross-filtering available on the page, users can easily select a Product or Product Group and view the Sales trend over time. 

Wednesday 2nd March

The first release for our "File Library" feature now provides an "Attachments" tab on Customer, Supplier and several transaction types.  For additional information please refer to File Library.


Monday 28th February

GET Suppliers API

New filter and new fields available for GET Suppliers.  See our API Change Log for details.


Business Intelligence (BI) - New BI UI for Sales and Customers 

We are introducing a new and improved BI UI to the Sales and Customers BI pages. Over the next few months, we will also replace the BI pages for Inventory, Purchases, and Production.

What has changed?



Additional Notes 


Load faster 

87 database requests vs 629 


More responsive on smaller screens.



Screenshot feature 

Easily “print” the full page to .PDF or .PNG files using the kebab (3dots) menu available on Sales, Customers, and Inventory pages. On the PDF document, the heading section includes a URL to take the user directly to the page with cross filters applied. 


Preparing the new BI UI pages to allow page customisation.  

After all BI pages have been replaced with the new UI we will enable this feature which will give users the ability to move, hide, show, and resize some tiles/components on BI Vision pages. 

BI Vision only 

Reset Page button

Reset the page instead of refreshing the page, remove all page filters, and show top "number" of record selections. In the old UI some setting was not cleared when you clicked on the clear filters button. 


All charts now show x- and y- axis labels. 

This is especially useful when exporting these charts to PNG, SVG or PDF files. 


All charts now have dynamic titles to indicate which measure/KPI has been selected at the top of the page. 

This is especially useful when scrolling down to the bottom of the page where the KPIs currently are not visible and when you export these charts to PNG, SVG or PDF files. 


Updated default charts for Customers and Products 

The Products and Customers charts on the BI Vision Sales page have been updated to display your top 25 customers or products for the period selected by default – rather than the segmented pentile charts you used to see.  

Using the kebab menu you can still view your data per segment although the number of records on these charts are limited to the top 25 records.

If need to view a full list of Products or Customers for these segmented views you can select the segment and use the export to CSV (all) feature which will export all records for the segment selected. 

BI Foundation 

The Foundation timeline charts now have a "more options" kebab menu, allowing users to Export to PNG, SVG, PDF, and CSV 

This will be available on all Foundation timeline charts to allow users to use these visualisations in presentations and export the data points into a CSV file. 

BI Vision Sales 

The Sales Channel pie chart has been replaced with a horizontal bar chart. 

Pie charts did not handle negative values at all and with the new Transaction Type dimension added, credits are visible as negative values. 


NEW dimensions added for Sales Groups, Warehouses, and Transaction Types 

Transaction Type dimension will allow users to filter out any Charges or Credits so that they can have a true invoiced Sales Revenue view. 

BI Vision Customers

Improved Customer Grid view. 

  • The Customer Grid now, where applicable, includes Sales Revenue and the number of Orders for the selected period per Customer. 
  • The grid now displays a counter at the top, indicating the number of customers listed. 
  • Pagination was removed and replaced by a continuous vertical scroll bar.  


Improved Export Grid data 

The old grid was limited to only show/export 100,000 records. The new improved grid is unlimited, select "Show All" from the kebab more options menu, this will load all records which can now be exported. 


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