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BI Vision Plus - Targets and Tracking



BI Vision Plus is a powerful extension to the BI Vision module and allows Vision subscribers to set Sales Revenue targets for the current financial year and to monitor year-to-date achievements through automated email notifications to specified recipients.

Superusers and users with permission, to this feature, are able to easily add and edit targets and notification rules.


Important to Note

  1. Any changes (Add or Delete) made to the Users list in Unleashed will take time (up to 2 hours) to reflect in Notification Management’s Recipients pop-up list.

  2. The count of transactions listed in the update email, when you include Batches Expiring, Low Stock products and Open shipments, could be out of sync by an hour due to the refresh delay between BI and Unleashed core. 

  3. Actual values for Sales Revenue, Gross Profit and Gross Profit % displayed on the BI Vision Plus page may not match with values on the BI Vision page for the same Year To Date or Last Year selection. The Sales Revenue sum in BI Vision Plus takes into account completed invoices and credits, while BI Vision also includes charges.

  4. Depending on the user's Default System setting (on their pc) the URL in the email notification for "notify the sender" may redirect users to a new browser instance rather than a new email draft.

  5. Presentation of styling may vary from browser to browser. Our supported browsers (Chrome and Edge are consistent).


Role Permission

All Superusers on your account are able to add and edit targets on all available measures and also add or edit notification rules.

All other users linked to specific user roles who also need permission to these pages must be set up under Role Permission to provide access.


Full or Read-only Permission:

Login to Unleashed and navigate to Role Permissions on the left-side menu.


Select the user role you want to give full permission, allowing users linked to this role to add and edit targets and notification rules.



  1. Make the Targets and Tracking page visible to the selected Role
  2. Unlock the Notifications tab and functions
  3. Unlock the Targets tab and functions
  4. Make the BI Vision Plus tab available on the Sales context for the Role
  5. With this "Can Edit" ticked, this role can add and edit Sales Revenue targets on the Targets and Tracking page,
    NOTE: If "Can Edit" is left unticked, the users linked to the role will have read-only access to targets.

Providing Read-Only access to a Role for Sales Targets. This would be the configuration.


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Add or Edit Targets

On the left-side menu under Business Intelligence, select Targets and Tracking.





What is on the Targets and Tracking page? 

  1. Two tabs, one for Targets and one for Notifications.
  2. "Go to Vision Plus" button to take you to the Vision Plus page.
  3. Save button which will become enabled as soon as you add or edit one or more target values.
  4. Context selection option (Currently only available for Sales will expand based on your feedback).
  5. Measure selection option (Currently only available for Sales with 3 measures: Sales Revenue, Gross Profit and Gross Profit %.)
  6. Date selection button - Default = Current Year (Last Year and Next Year also available, allowing you to add targets for these periods when selected).
  7. Lefthand action cog:

    When you want to apply the previous year's actual results as your current year's targets, you first need to select all or some months using the tick boxes and then select the "Apply..." option.
  8. Months of the selected period, which will change if you select a different date range (Next Year or Last Year)
  9. The previous year's actual values, showing the values achieved for the same months but for the previous year, if available in Unleashed.
  10. Selected years' values display the actual values for the period selected.
  11. Editable fields per month allow you to add 12 monthly targets for the measure you selected.
  12. Right-hand action cog: 

    When you enter the 1st target, you can easily populate the other months by selecting the "Apply targets to all months" option.

    If you want to apply an increase in the middle of the year update the target for the 1st month of the increase and apply this target to the rest of the remaining months of the year by selecting the "Apply target to following months" option.


  13. Total - will auto sum targets as you add or edit them.


Once you have added or edited your targets, the Save button will be enabled.

  • If it is the first time targets were set on the account and it is successful, you will receive this pop-up notification, allowing you to easily set up a weekly notification.


  • If you do select "Notify Me" then the system will create a notification rule to send you a weekly email weekly on Monday mornings at 8:00am and you will be presented with the next pop-up message.
  • If you select "Skip" then the auto-created notification process will be skipped, you can always add a new notification rule later.
  • You now have the option to go to the Notification tab and manage your notifications or select the "Go to Vision Plus" which will take you to the Vision Plus page.
  • If you edit existing targets and save them, you should receive a success notification pop-up, similar to this one, allowing you to then select Manage Notifications or Go to Vision Plus or just click the x to stay on the page.




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Manage Notification rules

If you want to manage your existing notification rules or add new rules, click on the Notifications tab available on the Targets and Tracking page.



What is on this page?

  1. A form to add a new notification rule
  2. Rule counter showing you the total number of rules (active or inactive with a maximum of 20)
  3. The action column to the far right allows you to Edit or Delete existing rules.

Adding a new rule

Users with permission to this page and the Notification feature will be able to add new notification rules and edit/delete existing rules. It is easy to add a new rule by following these steps:

  • Name: Enter a unique name for your new rule (duplicate names are not allowed).
  • Frequency: Select the frequency of this new rule (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) Based on your selection the following will happen:
    • Daily: Next select the Time (This rule will then be triggered daily at this selected Time to provide the latest update in BI data, which is normally an hour old.)
    • Weekly: Next select the Day of the week and then Time.
    • Monthly: Next select the Date (1-31) and then the Time. (For the last day of the month select 31, the system will see this as the last day of any month no matter the number of days in a month.)
  • Recipients: Select from the list of users on the account who should be informed.

  • Date periods. This is the period to be included in the notification email you will receive. The options are:
    • Month To Date (Mainly use this option for Daily or Weekly rules and if you want to create a rule only for Transactions.)
    • Year To Date (Mainly use this option for Daily, Weekly or Monthly rules.)
    • Last Month (use this one if you need to receive an update for the latest completed month on the 1st day of the new month.) 


  • Content: These are the available contents you are able to track and include in your BI Notification email.


    • Context = Sales:
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gross Profit (KPI)
      • Gross Profit % (KPI)
      • Sales Revenue (KPI)
      • Top 5 Customers - Sales Revenue (Table)
      • Top 5 Products - Sales Revenue (Table)​​​​​​​
    • Context = Transactions:
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Batches Expiring (Will give you a count of batches expired or going to expire in the next 30 days.)
      • Low Stock Alerts (Similar to the Low Stock count on the main dashboard.)
      • Open Shipments (Will give you a count of any open shipments.)

NOTE: This Contents section in the future will have more options to select from, and development will be driven by your feedback.

Once all these compulsory fields are completed, the Add button will become enabled and you will be able to save the rule.

The rule will be added to the grid and will be Status=Active by default.


Edit a rule

If you need to edit rules just click on the Edit field under the action column. You will be able to edit any part of the rule but the rule name must be unique.

Saving the rule will perform some validation and if successful you should see a success pop-up for the specific rule you updated.


Pause and enable a rule

You can pause a rule, say you are going on leave for 4 weeks and you have a daily rule setup, click on Edit and then untick the tickbox under the status column and click on the Save option.

When you are back in the office you can enable the rule again by following the same steps, just tick the tickbox under status to activate the rule and click on Save. 

NOTE: Setting the Rule as Inactive will pause the selected rule for all recipients.



Delete a notification rule.

If you wish to delete a notification rule you can simply select Delete from the action column. You will get a confirmation pop-up to confirm the action as there is no Undo button after this selected rule has been deleted.



Some examples of BI email notifications.

Only KPIs

When you added a Daily notification rule to provide updates on all 3 Sales KPIs, because you added targets to all 3, you should receive an email in your inbox at the scheduled time.

The email subject line will read like this: Daily Update - Unleashed BI - [Your Account name]

Depending on the period/date range you selected in your notification rule, you will have 3 sections: Month to Date, Year To Date and Last Month

Each KPI will have a "More information" link which will take recipients (if they have permission) to the Vision Plus page to view the YTD summary. 





Only Transactions

If you want to create a notification rule to keep an eye only on your Transactions (Batches Expiring, Low Stock Alerts, and Open Shipments), you can easily do that; just select the date period, Month to Date, and from Content under the Transactions heading, select the transactions you want to watch.

The email notification will look like this:



The transaction hyperlinks will take the recipient, if they have permission, back to Unleashed to view the detailed reports.


A monthly update on the 1st of the new month - Last Month Date range with Top 5 Customers and Top 5 Products

If you want to create a monthly sales notification rule to give you an update on Sales KPIs, Top 5 Customers and Top 5 Products, you need to select Date Period = Last Month and on from the Content list select the Sales KPIs, Top 5 Customers - Sales Revenue and Top 5 Products - Sales Revenue.

The email notification will look like this:


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Vision Plus - Sales

Navigate to BI Vision Plus tab, available on the BI Sales context, and to all superusers and users with permission.



What's on this Page?

  1. Edit Targets button. ("View Targets" for users with read-only permission.) 
  2. Date selection button with default YEAR TO DATE and current period. (Another date option is available to view actuals and targets for LAST YEAR.)
  3. More options for the page - Exporting this page to a PDF file (default) or PNG file. (This will be added to BI Foundation and Vision pages in the future.)
  4. Target KPIs indicating the YTD achievement against your set targets for Sales Revenue, Gross Profit and Gross Profit %
  5. More options in-KPI menu to go to the Targets and Tracking page where you can view or Edit targets if you have permission.

  6. Timeline chart showing you the cumulative achievement against targets per month
  7. More options menu to export the graph.
  8. Grid view of monthly and cumulative achievements against targets
  9. Tooltips for each KPI and visualisation to provide more information.
  10. More options menu to export the data to Excel or PDF format.


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