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Import Product Attributes Field Definitions


* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed.


  • You can import only one attribute set at a time.
  • The template file will have the Product Code and Attribute Set columns.
  • The other columns will be the attributes you have added to the attribute set for the downloaded template file.

Demo: Import/Export Product Attributes


Field Name Description
*Product Code Unique product code (max length = 100 characters). Ensure that the product has already been created in Unleashed and enter the correct code. 
*Attribute Set Name of the attribute set (max length = 50 characters).
Attribute Columns (columns vary depending on Attribute Set)

Name of the attribute. Ensure you enter the name of the attribute exactly as it is entered in Unleashed.

For example:

  • Attribute Set: Television, Attribute Columns: Country Of Origin, Model, and Tariff Code.
  • Attribute Set: Bags, Attribute Columns: Brand and Price.
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