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Import Stock On Hand Field Definitions


This import is only for new products. DO NOT use this import for existing products with available stock on hand.

* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

Field Name  Description
*Product Code Product code for an existing product (max character length 100). Ensure that the product has been created in Unleashed before you import stock on hand.
*Warehouse Code Warehouse code where the stock is located. You can find the codes under Settings | Warehouse.
*SOH Stock on hand quantity (numeric value) of the product.
*AverageLandCost The calculation per unit including purchase price + any other costs associated in purchasing the stock including delivery costs.  
Serial Number Specified serial number of the serialized product. These products must be tagged as 'Serialized'. Products can have multiple serial numbers. 
Batch Number Specified batch number of the product. These products must be tagged as 'Batch Tracked'. Products can have multiple batch numbers. 
Expiry date This is the expiry date ( DD/MM/YYYY) of the specified batch number of the product. The Expiry date is required only for batch numbers.


How to enter Serial Numbers or Batch Numbers

To assign multiple Serial Numbers or Batch Numbers to one specific product, list the numbers in the relevant column (Serial Number or Batch Number), ensuring there is only one per row, in subsequent rows. ​Once the Serial or Batch numbers have been added, and align to the appropriate Stock on quantity, you can then go to the next row and again list the *Product Code, *Warehouse Code, *SOH, *Average Landed Cost, then begin adding the Serial/Batch numbers as required.


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