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Import Supplier Quantity Prices Field Definitions


Adding new Supplier Quantity Prices

* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter the correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

This import must be used ONLY for existing suppliers of your products. You cannot create a new product, a new supplier or a product/supplier relationship using this import.


Field Name Description
Guid Only required when updating already existing Supplier Quantity Price (as per your exported CSV file). This column will not be present when you download a blank template as it will be created upon import by the system.
See 'Updating existing Supplier Quantity Prices' below for more information.
*Product Code The code of an existing product. Ensure that the product has been created in Unleashed before you import product pricing.
Product Description Description of the Product. 
*Supplier Code The code of an existing Supplier for this product.
Supplier Name The name of the Supplier of this product.
Unit of Measure The purchasing Unit of Measure from this Supplier for this product and quantity.
*Min. Quantity Minimum quantity of the product to apply the specified price or discount.  Numeric value to 4 decimal places

Specify the value for the fixed price or discount %.  Numeric value to 4 decimal places.  If this is a discount, it cannot larger than 100.

*Price Type Values are Fixed price or Discount %
Comments Any additional notes related to the quantity pricing.


Updating existing Supplier Quantity Prices

There may be occasions when your Suppliers issue revised pricing for products.  If you prefer to bulk import the revised pricing, follow these steps:

From the Inventory | Products | View Products | Purchase | Quantity Prices tab:

  1. Click the "Export" button to download a CSV file of the quantity prices for a product
  2. Update the prices in the downloaded CSV file as required
  3. Save your changes and click the "Import" button on the Quantity Prices tab
Note:  The first column "Guid" is a unique identifying value for a particular instance of a product's Supplier's minimum purchase quantity.  The value must stay as is in order to update the correct price instance as the Guid helps the system specifically identify which Supplier Code, Product Code and Quantity Price is needing to be updated when the Supplier Quantity Prices template is being used.

A Guid is automatically created and assigned by the system when the template file is imported.
Do note that downloading a blank Supplier Quantity Prices template file will not have the 'Guid' column as this is not needed when creating a new Supplier Quantity Price.

See below for an example Guid:

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 8.48.15 AM.png

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