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How to conduct a value-only Stock Adjustment


A value-only Stock Adjustment can be useful when resolving a residual value error triggered for a Supplier Return or if you need to change the stock value for a product's stock on hand, subsequently updating the product's Average Landed Cost (ALC)

NOTE: A value-only Stock Adjustment can only be completed if the product being adjusted, currently has stock on hand. 

Complete a value-only Stock Adjustment

  1. From the main menu, go to Inventory, Transactions and select Stock Adjustments.

  2. Click on Add Adjustment, in the top right corner of the Stock Adjustments page. 

  3. Select a Warehouse from the dropdown menu that currently holds stock on hand for the product.

  4. Select a Reason from the dropdown menu, see Adjustment Reasons.

  5. If integrated with an accounting provider, select an Account the change in value will export to when completed.

  6. Search and find the product requiring adjustment in the Product field.

  7. In the Quantity field, input 0.

  8. In the Value field, input the total value being adjusted against the current stock value.
    • If increasing the value, input a positive value e.g. 50
    • If decreasing the value, input a negative value e.g. -50

  9. Select Add. The Stock Adjustment will show a summary of the product's Warehouse and Global Values including the adjusted value. 

  10. Select Complete to apply the Stock Adjustment's value change to your product's stock value, without changing any stock on hand quantities. 

For more details, see What is a Value-Only Stock Adjustment?

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