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B2B Portal User Guide


This page describes the B2B store details. You can share these details with the user you have invited to access your B2B store to help them understand the available options and use the B2B store to place their orders.

Creating the B2B Store Account

When you receive an invite from the B2B store Administrator, you must accept the invite and create your login credentials to access the store and place orders.

  1. In the store invite email, click ACCEPT INVITE.
  2. Enter a user name. This is the name displayed on your B2B store. 
  3. Enter a password and confirm. 
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The store will be displayed.
Bookmark the store URL so you can easily access and order.

Viewing Product Details 

Login to your B2B store to view the products and place orders. The products will be displayed in Grid View by default.

  • Use the search products field to search for a specific product.
  • The product prices will only be displayed if the B2B store administrator has provided access.
  • Click the list view icon if you want to display the products in a list format.


  • If you want to view the details for a product, click on the product name to display the product details page.


  • Select the required number of products and click Add.
  • The product will be added to the cart and you can continue shopping till you have added all the required items to your cart.

Adding Favorite Products

The Favorites feature allows you to create a list(s) of frequently ordered products which you can save as Favorites/Wishlist. This will enable quick selection when you shop.


  • Hover on the product to display the  icon.
  • Click on the  icon to add the product to your Favorites list. The icon will be displayed in Red to indicate that the product is part of the Favorites list.
  • You can add products as Favorites from the List view also.


  • To access the Favorites product list, click on the icon on the main menu bar.

The Favorites product list page will be displayed


Creating a Sales Order

When you are ready to place the sales order, click on the Cart icon to view your shopping cart and proceed to place the order.



Check the cart to make sure you have all the required products, else click Continue Shopping to go back to the Products page.

If you are ready to place the order, click Proceed to Order. The Order Confirmation page is displayed.


You can select a Shipping Address if there is one already entered by the B2B store administrator or you can add a new address. Click on the Select Address drop-down list and select the required option.

If you add a new shipping address, complete the required details.

You can add a Reference Number, Required Date and Comments to your order.

If you want to update any order details, click Back to Cart, or else click Place Order Now.

The order confirmation page is displayed.




Click Continue Shopping to go back to the Products page or click Order History to view the order status.

You will receive an order has been requested email once your order is placed.


Viewing Order History

You can keep track of the orders you have placed and verify the status from the Order History Page.

At the top of the page after you have logged in to the store, select Order History from the My Orders dropdown. 

This will give you a list of historical orders and show the following details.

Click on the blue "Show V" label to view the details of the order.

With this view open you can also easily Reorder the same products, just click the Reorder button at the bottom of the open order.

Selecting the Reorder button will provide the following notification and create a cart giving you the option to view the latest prices for the products, update the quantities or even add more products when selecting the 'Continue Shopping' option.


Creating Standing Orders

If you regularly place orders on the B2B store, you can automate this by creating standing orders.

When you have added all the products, you order regularly, to your shopping cart and click on the Proceed to Order button at the bottom of the page it will take you to the next page.

On the shopping cart confirmation page add your delivery details which will calculate freight (if the store charges for freight) and will allow you to Make this a Standing Order.

When you click on the [Make this a Standing Order] button the following panel will be displayed allowing you to give the standing order a name and select the available scheduling options.

The default option selected will be Every 2nd Week.

The following options can be selected:

- Every: Day / Week / Month
- Every 2nd: Day / Week / Month
- Every 3rd: Day / Week / Month
- Every 4th: Day / Week / Month
- Every 5th: Day / Week / Month
- Every 6th: Day / Week / Month                                                                                                                                                                         

Edit standing orders

1. Select the 'Beginning on' date and the standing order schedule will be created and the Standing Orders list page is displayed. 

2. If you want to pause the standing order for a certain period, click  'Pause' icon. This will put the standing order on Hold and you can resume it as required by clicking on 'Resume' icon

3. To delete the entire standing order, click 'Delete'.

4. You can delete specific products in a standing order by clicking the 'Delete' icon. Please note: You need to have minimum of 1 product in a standing order. You will not be able to delete the last product in a standing order, it's recommended to delete the whole standing order instead, as per step 3.

5. Click on 'Save Changes' button to Save your changes 
6. Click Show Details / Hide Details to view / hide the standing order details.     

Adding products to an existing standing order

To add a product to an existing standing order, click on the drop-down beside the 'Add' button.Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 1.18.42 PM.png 

The drop-down will bring a list of all active Standing Orders. Note: You will not be able to add a product to a paused Standing Order. All paused Standing orders will be shown as 'Inactive' in the drop-down and will be greyed out

Select the Standing Order to which you would like to add the product

Make a selection whether you would like to add the product as one-off only to the next order or for all the upcoming orders for that particular Standing Order  

If the product has been added as one-off only to the next order, you will see the product added to Standing Order with 'one-off' badge. This product line will disappear once the order is placed. However, if the product is added to all the upcoming orders, the product line will stay unless deleted. 

In order to add multiple products to an existing Standing Order, enter the quantity of products and add those products to Standing Order through the drop-down beside the 'Add x products to cart' button 


Importing Orders to Cart

If you are placing a bulk order on the B2B store, you can use the CSV template to import the products into your cart if it is enabled for the store. 

Go to My Orders | Import Orders .


The Import Order dialog is displayed. Follow these steps to import the order to cart and proceed with placing the order.


  • Click Download CSV template.
  • Using Excel or any other spreadsheet editor, enter the correct values for the following columns:
    • Product Code: Ensure you enter the correct Product Code.
    • Quantity
  • Drop file or click and select to upload. 
  • Click Go Back to display the Import Order dialog.
  • Click Go To Cart to display the cart and proceed to order.



  • You can ONLY import upto 300 product lines at a time.
  • If there are any errors, the first 10 line numbers where there is an error will be displayed.

Feedback and Support

You can get in touch with your B2B store support using the Contact info and enquiry form available on

the page footer.

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