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Retiring B2B Basic Plan


B2B Stores Retiring Monday August 16, 2021

On Monday August 16, 2021, the B2B Basic plan will be retired, meaning free-to-use stores will cease and discontinue. To continue using B2B eCommerce, you will need to subscribe to the B2B Premium plan before the retirement date. 

Access To Premium Functions Until Friday August 13, 2021

To help you prepare for this change, we have upgraded your store to Premium free of charge until Friday August 13, 2021, so you can start experiencing Premium for yourself now. Premium is a comprehensive B2B eCommerce solution that aims to help you sell more products through additional functions such as allowing customers to create standing orders, personalisation of your store using catalogues and categories, and enabling payments to collect cash quicker. Discover some of the additional functions for yourself:  

Premium Features include:
  • Freight 
  • Customisable homepage  
  • Multiple warehouses  
  • Product catalogues  
  • Display estimated stock arrival time  
  • Payments  
  • Product categories  
  • Display stock levels by warehouse  
  • Personalised email templates  
  • Standing orders  
  • Guest access 

Subscribe To Premium And Use Free Until Friday August 13, 2021

If you enjoy using the B2B portal with full functionality and want to avoid any disruption to your existing store, subscribe by Friday August 13, 2021. Upgrade at any time and continue using the Premium store for free until August 13, 2021.  

Click here to see the plans and how these charges apply to your account. 

Note: Annual subscriptions are invoiced at the time of sign up and are inclusive of 1 month free. Monthly subscriptions will only see invoicing occur after August 13, 2021. 

Basic Stores’ Data After Retirement 

Should you choose not to subscribe to Premium by Friday 13 August, we will hold your data for 6 months. This gives you the option to reactivate your store in a Premium plan and pick up from where you left off.       

Support And Further Questions 

If you have any questions around the B2B Store do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Engagement Team 

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