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B2B Store - Store Settings tab


After you complete the configuration described in the Setting up B2B portal, you must configure your B2B store settings.

General Settings

Use the options on this tab to configure the settings as displayed in the following image.



  • Display Brand Name and Display Company Logo toggles will be enabled once you upload the company logo. You can then choose to select/hide the required toggle.
  • Login blurb and Login page options can be used to configure the customer login page display settings 
  • Login_options.png
  • Click Preview to preview the changes before you click Save Changes.
  • Close Store: If you want to make some changes and want your store to be inaccessible to users, you can click Close Store. When you are ready to make the store available again, click Open Store.

You can select the following toggles to enable users to place Standing Orders and import bulk orders to the cart.





Allow Customers to place Standing Orders 

If your customers are ordering the same items daily, weekly, or monthly, encourage them to save time by creating recurring orders on the B2B Portal using the Standing Orders feature. 

B2B Portal - Standing Orders

If your customers are ordering the same items daily, weekly, or monthly, encourage them to save time by creating recurring orders on the B2B Portal using the Standing Orders feature. 

Points to Note

  • B2B Store Administrators can place standing orders on behalf of customers by using the "Act As Customer" feature.
  • The B2B Store Administrator can view a list of all standing orders placed by their store customers and also run a report to find the total quantity of products on standing orders for a 3 month time period.
  • Standing orders can be paused and resumed as required.
  • The Standing Orders notification email will be sent 2 days prior to the order date selected for the standing order.

Enabling the Standing Orders feature

  1. Log in to your B2B Store.
  2. Go to Settings | General.
  3. Scroll down to the Orders area and select the Allow Customers to place Standing Orders toggle.
  4. Once you enable the toggle, the Standing Orders option will be available under the My Orders drop-down list.

Viewing Standing Orders

You can view the list of standing orders created by your customers from the Standing Orders page.

  1. Go to My Orders and expand the drop-down list.
  2. Click Standing Orders.
  • The list of standing orders created by your store customers sorted by the Next Order Date column will be displayed.
  • Click on Show Details / Hide Details drop-down list to display/hide the standing order details.
  • You can search by Customer Name / Customer Code to display a specific list.

Standing Orders Report

You can run a Product Enquiry report to retrieve a list of all products and quantities for the standing orders placed by your customers. This will help you to plan ahead for stock availability to ensure that the orders are fulfilled on time.

  1. Go to My Orders and expand the drop-down list.
  2. Click Standing Orders.
  3. On the Standing Orders list page, click Product Enquiry.
  4. Select the date range and click Run.

  • By default, the Start Date and End Date will be displayed for a month with today's date as the Start Date.
  • You can run the report for a maximum time period of three months.
  • The list of products displayed will be sorted by the Product Code.

Allow Customers to import Orders to Cart

If your customers are placing bulk orders with a large number of product lines, this feature will enable them to easily import orders using a CSV template. This will eliminate the need to click and add each product to their cart, creating a better user experience. For more information, see Importing Orders.

Guest Access: 

  • Allow guests to browse the store: Give guest customers the ability to browse your products through your B2B store. 
  • Show product pricing to guests: When pricing is toggled on it will show guest customers your default sell price. 
Guest users will not be able to add products to their carts, or checkout. They will still come through the standard process of requesting access, unless credit card payments are enabled for Guest customers.

Contact Details

You can set up your contact details and enable customers to send you enquiries using these options.

  • From email address: This is the email address that will be used to send emails from the B2B Portal Administrator account.
  • Customer Invitation Text: Enter the common text you want to include in all customer invitation emails. 
  • Show contact section:  Display or hide the Address, Phone number, and Contact email address under the Contact Info heading on the B2B Store footer. 
  • Activate contact form: Display or hide the contact form on the B2B Store footer.


  • Notify me when an order is placed: Select this option if you want to receive a notification email when a customer places an order on the B2B store.

Custom Homepage

Showcase your brand’s unique personality on your B2B eCommerce Store. You can now create and customise your Store with a homepage that includes a carousel banner, popular products, and featured categories of your choice.


  • You can select the required options as displayed in the image.
  • When you click on Save Changes, the Home link will display the customized home page to your customers when they visit the store.
  • The following image displays an example custom home page designed for a test B2B store.


Content Pages

Flexible content pages give you the opportunity to tell customers about important information, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, and shipping information.


  • The pages will not be displayed by default. You can choose which pages you want to display by selecting the required toggles.
  • You can edit the page title and contents from the action cog options.
  • The following image displays an example content page created for a test B2B store.



You can invite any Unleashed user as an administrator for the B2B Portal. This can be configured in your Unleashed account as described in this topic: Configuration tab.
You can access the details from the Admin tab in the B2B Portal as displayed in the image.


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