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B2B Store - Portal Setup


You must set up the B2B Portal and configure the required settings to enable users to place orders. This topic describes the setup and configuration steps.

Adding a New Store

When you are logged in to Unleashed, go to the B2B Portal available on the left-side menu.

Click on the Add new Store button.

Please note, only the account owner can add a new B2B store for the first time and then invite any users to be the store admin via the Admin settings of your B2B store once it has been created. 

In the Create Your B2B Store dialogue box, complete all the fields.


Note: This will create your store and set up your B2B Portal Admin account. The B2B store admin account is not the same as your Unleashed account, it is a different account. However, you can use the same username and email address.

  1. Store Subdomain:
      • This forms the login URL for your store customers. 
      • You can provide the required name and it will be displayed as <storename>
      • You cannot customise the "" text in the URL.
      • You cannot change the store name later.
  2. Email
  3. Name
  4. Password and Confirm Password
  5. Unleashed Order Status *
  6. Warehouse Mapping *
  7. Default Tax Rate *
  8. Select colours for your Catalogue
    1. Primary - Set the background colour for your store catalogue header.
    2. Secondary - Set the background colour of the buttons and action fields.
  9. Click on Create Store. (It may take some time to create your store depending on the number of products and customers in your Unleashed account)


*Option Description
Unleashed Order Status

Select the status for orders imported from B2B store to be saved in Unleashed as:

  • Parked
  • Placed
  • Backordered
Warehouse Mapping

This is the Unleashed warehouse from which stock availability is exported to the B2B store every 15 minutes. When orders are imported from the B2B store, they will be created with this as their Order Warehouse.

Default Tax Rate The default tax rate you want to apply for the B2B store orders.



Note: User Roles with the Permission "Integration Store" (within the Settings list) enabled, will have access to the B2B Portal page in Unleashed.


At this point, all customers and products in your Unleashed account will start being exported to your new B2B Store. Here are some important tips on how to have the most seamless integration between Unleashed and B2B:
  • Ensure the products you want to make visible and sellable in your B2B store, have good-quality images added in Unleashed.
  • After 6 May 2024, when creating a new B2B store, your top 20 sellable products will be made visible and sellable to you as the store Admin. This will allow new Store Admins to quickly see how these products will display in the store.
  • Only once you are happy with the layout and content of your store you should invite your customers to create a login for your store. For more information, go to B2B Store - Customers. In Unleashed, ensure that you set up your customer contacts with a valid email address so you can invite them to access the B2B store. For more information, see Adding Customer Contacts.
  • The default contact is synced automatically and will be visible in the B2B store.  
  • If you want to invite multiple customer contacts, you must select the Ordering checkbox when adding more contacts.


  1. Login to your B2B Portal Admin account. Your B2B Portal Admin account page will be displayed and you can configure the required settings.

Next Steps

You must now configure the B2B Store settings. For more information, see B2B Store - Store Settings.

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