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B2B Portal Introduction


The Unleashed B2B Portal is a feature that will provide your customers fast and easy access to browse products, see stock availability, and create orders.




  • Unleashed is the master system and all product/customer information will flow from Unleashed to B2B Portal.
  • You can choose which customers are available in the B2B Portal.
  • You can choose to make products Visible/Sellable in the B2B Portal.
  • Stock on Hand for products is automatically synced from Unleashed to B2B Portal.
  • For more information about B2B Portal Setup and Configuration, see B2B Portal - Unleashed Configuration.
  • You can add one B2B Portal store with 200 products and 100 customers. To add additional store(s), products, or customers, you might need to upgrade your plan. For more information, see Upgrading the B2B Portal Subscription.
  • The B2B Portal subscription plans are different from the Unleashed subscription. For more information, see B2B Portal Subscription Plans.


Before you set up and configure the B2B Portal, ensure that the following details are correctly configured in your Unleashed account.

  • You must be on an Unleashed Medium or higher subscription plan.
  • An Unleashed account that is already configured. For more information, see Account Configuration.
  • The Product, Customer and Contact details must be correctly set up in Unleashed as those will automatically flow into the B2B Portal. The default contact is synced to the B2B Portal. Ensure that you have a valid email address. If you want to sync additional contacts, you must select the Ordering checkbox on the contact within Unleashed.
  • If you want to display product images, ensure that you have uploaded them on your products records in Unleashed.

Sales Order Flow

  1. Sales orders and stock are synced every 15 minutes:
    • B2B Portal is updated with accurate product stock from Unleashed
    • Sales orders are imported from B2B Portal to Unleashed
  2. When a B2B User places a sales order on the B2B store:
    • Order Status is displayed as "Processing"
    • Email confirmation for order request is sent
    • Sales order is imported into Unleashed
  3. B2B Admin user confirms sales order in Unleashed:
    • Sales order is completed in Unleashed
    • Unleashed sends updated sales orders to B2B Portal (every 15 min)
  4. B2B Sales order Status is Updated
    • Sales order is set to Completed
    • Sales order + Charges will now display on B2B Portal order history

B2B Portal Tutorial


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