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How to reverse a Complete Purchase Order


When a Purchase Order has been completed or receipted, it can no longer be deleted. However, you can counter the effects the Purchase Order has had on your inventory by completing a Supplier Return.

A Supplier Return can only be completed for a completed Purchase Order, so if the Purchase Order is in Receipted status it must first be updated to Complete status before proceeding with the below steps. 

  1. From the Purchase Order, select the Return button in the top right corner. 

    Or select Return from the Action Cog field in the View Purchases page

  2. A Create Supplier Return confirmation window will appear, select Yes to proceed with creating the return. If a Supplier Return already exists for the Purchase Order, it will be referenced here to confirm it is not a duplicate Supplier Return. 

  3. Update the Supplier Return fields, as appropriate

    • Supplier Reference: If the Supplier has provided a reference number for the return.
    • Warehouse: If returning batch or serial tracked products, ensure the warehouse selected matches the same warehouse the stock was originally receipted in to on the Purchase Order.
    • Return Date: By default will populate with the date the Supplier Return is created, but can be amended to any future date to fit with the return's timeline. 
    • Template: Select the Doc Designer template that will be used when the Supplier Return is printed or emailed. 
    • Supplier EORI: Will populate with the Supplier's EORI, but can be edited. 

  4. Update the Supplier Return Lines to include only the products, quantities and costs being returned. Use the bin icon to remove any product lines that are not being returned. 
    • Return Quantity: Update to show the total quantity being returned for the product.
    • Return Price: Update to show the per unit price being returned.
    • Return Cost: Update to show the additional cost value being returned for the product line.
    • Reason: Use the drop down menu to select the reason for the product's return.
    • Return: Tick the checkbox to remove the "Return Qty" from stock on hand. Untick Return if only the product's price and cost are being returned. 
    • Serial/Batch: When Return is ticked, allocate the receipted batch and serial numbers being returned. 
    • NOTE: You must return at least either a quantity or a price per product line on a Supplier Return. 

  5. Use the Action Cog to bulk update the Supplier Return lines, either checking or unchecking those selected. 
  1. If your Purchase Order had Cost Lines included, you can update the required values. Depending on whether you select Refund or Write-off, the corresponding action will be recorded in the integrated accounting provider.

  2. Select Complete and the Supplier Return will update your receipted product's Stock on Hand and Value to align with the return quantities, prices and costs provided. 

Additional Information:

Please do note that supplier return will only reverse the impact made by the PO. It will not delete the transaction from your account. For more details, see Add Supplier Return


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