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How to Reverse a Completed Purchase Order



How to reverse the impact of completed purchase that cannot be changed or deleted



  1. Go to Purchases | Supplier Returns | Add Supplier Return.
  2. In the Purchase Order Number field, enter the purchase order number.
  3. Specify the Warehouse the stock is being returned from.
  4. Update the required values for the return lines (Return Quantity, Return Price, Reason, etc.) :
    • Delete any lines which are not being returned using the delete icon.
    • You must return either quantity or price. You must select the Return checkbox ONLY if you have specified a value in the Return Quantity field. DO NOT select the Return checkbox if you are only returning the price.
    • Select the return reason from the Reason drop-down list.
    • Add or edit the comments for your reference.
Use the action cog to check or uncheck the Return checkbox for all lines. 
  1. If your purchase order has cost lines included, you can update the required values. Depending on whether you select Refund or Write-off, the corresponding action will be recorded in the integrated accounting provider:

Additional Information:

Please do note that supplier return will only reverse the impact made by the PO. It will not delete the transaction from your account.


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